Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software & Program Management

Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software & Program Management

The software has a feature that allows you to run a real-time contest among your affiliates, boosting your sales at the launch of a new service or product and motivating your network. Meanwhile, its user-friendly affiliate profile lets your partners easily manage their payout information and secure tax documents. Available on desktop and mobile, Tune offers real-time tracking and reporting of your affiliate and conversion data. You can set your payout terms and the conditions for approving or rejecting commissions. Merchants can send commissions later via wire transfer or ACH payment.

Take advantage of a tracking solution that logs all affiliate sales and commissions for you, giving you 360-degree visibility. Plus, as you own all your affiliate data, you are equipped to make informed decisions. If you’re thinking of starting an affiliate program, or have already created a blueprint for one, congratulations! You’ve taken the first step towards scaling your business to the next level by partnering with affiliates. Affiliate software lets you create a promotional link carrying your own domain name.

Ingenious Partner Marketing Platform

You may be wondering whether you should choose one of the programs above, or whether you should outsource your program to an existing affiliate network instead. Our software tool has the flexibility to manage all types of affiliate and partner programs. Plus, you can also run customer referral programs, ambassador programs, and other word-of-mouth marketing programs with Referral Rock, based on what best fits your brand’s needs.

She is very efficient with her time by not only effectively managing Affiliate Programs at MGECOM but also as an engaged Publisher with her site CleverMoms. She is very responsive and an excellent resource for any company or Advertiser looking to grow their online revenue. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Anne and CleverMoms over the years, and I not only consider Anne a colleague, but a mentor and a friend.

  • Additionally, the affiliates can also track total clicks, earnings per click, conversions, and commissions for their promotional campaigns.
  • Ultimate – If you represent an established business, this plan would be ideal for you.
  • Their intelligent affiliate marketing software helps us provide the best service to our partners and customers.
  • When it comes to pricing, iDevAffiliate does not have a free trial or a free plan.
  • Get exclusive offers and the latest news about our products and services delivered directly to your inbox.
  • Create and direct your affiliate programs, or manage entire affiliate networks.

Choose a software that is aligned with your other marketing and advertising methods. Some solutions offer more than others when it comes to integration and alignment with general marketing campaigns. It is a well-established and trusted solution, allowing you to work closely with your affiliates. You can monitor, track, and evaluate your affiliate performance data to focus and maximize your traffic, sales, and revenue. If you need help recruiting and activating partners, Grovia also offers a complete partner recruitment service.

Our score is based on user satisfaction (reviews & ratings), social media buzz, online presence, and other relevant information. If your software is part of this list, use this badge on your website and social media to let your readers know about your success. It’s worth noting the price is a bit steep, but it has the features to match. If you have any questions, our team of customer service representatives can assist you around the clock. We’ve been using Quality Unit’s Post Affiliate Pro, Post Affiliate Network, and LiveAgent software for many years. Our business has grown because of the reliability and flexibility of these products.

This is the biggest free trial period offered by any affiliate marketing tracking software. The platform contains great features like fraud protection, whitelisting, dynamic parameters and tokens, tracking multi-clicks and conversions, and smart offers. They also have a dedicated account manager including 24/7 customer support.

Affiliate marketing often allows your brand to reach a broader audience in a more timely manner. Affiliate marketing can reach a more diverse audience through technology, giving your brand or company exposure it might not have otherwise. There are tons of great things you can do with If-So as part of your affiliate management.

Which Best Affiliate Tracking Software Should You Use?

All the plans offer complete access to the software but there are a few perks in higher plans. At the same time, there isn’t a free trial or a free version of the plugin. However, it comes with a 14 days refund period in case you do not feel EasyAffiliate will cater to your affiliate program needs. Unlike a few other affiliate marketing tools, EasyAffiliate does not charge any transaction fees. This characteristic ensures that you earn 100% of the sale amount and share it with your affiliates.

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It provides a simple, easy-to-navigate interface that’s recommended for beginners who have never used an affiliate marketing program before. Post Affiliate Pro has the most options for creating a great partner program out of all the affiliate software services I tried. I am very happy with the performance of PAP and highly recommend them. Since affiliates make money based on commission, they usually get to make their hours. If affiliates want to make more commission, they have to put in the work to bring revenue to your company. Affiliates typically work anywhere from 10 to 40 hours marketing your product, filming content, and following up with potential customers.

Why LeadDyno Affiliate Software?

Kartra’s affiliate management software helps you manage and optimize your affiliate relationships from a single centralized platform. Take advantage of the platform’s single-click simplicity for incentivizing, paying, and communicating with your affiliates. TUNE was one of the first cloud-based SaaS platforms developed to support affiliate marketing early in 2009. Over the years, the software has developed into a full-fledged partner marketing solution, servicing the likes of Personal Capital, Groupon, Shopify, and Zillow, among many others.

affiliate management software

All of these three plans grant some common features like partner payouts, link-based attribution, resource management, analytics, anti-fraud system, etc. Affiliate Portal – You should also check if the software offers affiliate portals for your approved affiliate partners. Here, they will be able to get their unique affiliate link, track their performance, access promotional resources, and also monitor commission payouts. Trackdesk is a comprehensive affiliate management platform that offers eCommerce, SaaS, and brands and advertisers an all-in-one solution to manage unlimited affiliates. LinkMink is an affiliate management software that provides affiliate managers with a variety of different tools to help them manage the affiliate program. CAKE’s affiliate marketing solution helps you manage and measure partner performance with precision for improved profit margins.

What exactly is affiliate management?

This is a feature-rich platform that helps track all of your affiliate marketing activities in one place—including tracking clicks, conversions, and impressions. It collects all the data in one spot, making it convenient to analyze and see. Affiliate marketing is a referral marketing strategy in which an organization pays affiliate management system a commission to individuals or other companies for promoting and selling its products or services. Most affiliate marketing programs pay a commission based on the number of sales. However, some programs are similar to advertising campaigns wherein third-party affiliate marketers receive a commission for generating leads.

Automatically award affiliate commissions when your affiliate partners earn them, keeping them happy. Or are you looking for software that can strengthen your relations with individual affiliates or affiliate groups? You can improve your software search by identifying what aspect of your affiliate program you’d like the software to help you with the most. Meanwhile, Scaleo’s Anti-Fraud Logic TM blocks fraudulent affiliates from your system so you can scale safely. This platform also allows you to customize the background, buttons, font, and colors of your affiliate dashboards to align with your branding.

affiliate management software

In addition to its awesome set of features, OSI Affiliate also impresses us when it comes to pricing. It offers free onboarding assistance to help you get started by signing up for its 15 days free trial period. When it comes to tracking, OSI Affiliate keeps a tab on clicks, conversions, sales, etc. claims to be the most accurate software.

In addition to offering you an admin-level dashboard, Scaleo also allows you to offer a dedicated dashboard to your advertisers and affiliates. With the help of their dashboards, your affiliate can track their performance and revenue. Pro – This plan is ideal for small businesses and startups as it would cost you $97/month.

Affiliate Program Management Software

As an affiliate manager, you want to treat your affiliate program as its own business. At Affiliate Management Solutions, you will never speak to a sales person and then have your program handed off to a random, less-experienced affiliate manager. Talk to the person who is going to manage your program from day one.

The Healthy Back Institute Affiliate Program

We always say that signing up an affiliate is a similar process to making a sale. She is always aware of her merchant needs, works toward achieving mutual goals, and is just a pleasure to work with. Anne is very easy to communicate with and I like her spirit – she is helpful, informative, and I highly recommend her. Cloud Service and Self Hosted, there are different pricing for them.

For example, you might show a banner with the Affiliate’s personal content, or put an image of your affiliate wearing your branded t-shirt and using your products. OptinMonster is the most powerful conversion optimization toolkit, and it’s going to help you turn would-be affiliates into engaged affiliates. However, perhaps the biggest benefit of AffiliateWP is its customizability .

Manage multiple affiliate programs, track affiliate partner performance, assign commissions

Basic – $99.50/year for a single site license with features like unlimited affiliate management, affiliate tracking, basic integrations, one-click payouts, reporting, and more. When it comes to tracking, the software is highly efficient to track clicks, leads, and sales of your affiliate partners. LeadDyno also displays the result of social sharing campaigns if your affiliates share their referral links on social media from their dashboard. In comparison to other top affiliate marketing tracking softwares, PayKickStart also offers a generous 14 days free trial period.

Your affiliate manager can make or break the success of your affiliate marketing program. The software offers customizable commission payout structures, including flat rate and percentage payouts, recurring commissions, pay-per-click, pay-per-action, and a lot more. There are tiered commission levels with up to 100 primary payout levels. Grovia does not have affiliate link creation, attribution reporting, or payouts.